Fakhr e Alam went on from becoming a pop star to a VJ on the hit music show MUSIC CHANNEL CHARTS by chance. After his debut song reached the number one slot on the local charts, Falam was being interviewed on the show MCC. The producers saw Falam in action. His talking speed took TV by storm. With in 2 weeks of his appearing on TV, Falam was asked to come back to the show but this time as a full time VJ. The show topped ratings for the duration that Falam was on it. Later he moved to pepsi top of the pops taking the viewership and ratings along with him. Hence started a journey of television. Falam since then has hosted more then 5000 shows on TV, acted in a few TV plays and became a house hold name in the process.

1. Music Channel Charts
2. Pepsi Top of the Pops

3. Video Count Down

4. Pepsi Generation Next

5. The Fakhr e Alam Show

6. Pepsi Ask for More
7. Gold Leaf Guls & Guys
8. Boltain Sitaray

9. Take ONE

10. Bolain Kya Baat Hai

11. CNBC The Big Show with
     Fakhr e Alam


1. Dost - Serial
2. Aik Ainaar Sau Bemaar
3. Street 39
4. Hum sey Juda naa honaa Serial

And many more ...




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