The October 2005 earthquake that devastated Pakistan, was perhaps the single most important event in the life of Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam. This tragic event catapulted Falam into a new role, one that he least expected.

Falam was always involved in supporting all good charities from the beginning of his career. He had done a lot of volunteer work for MKRF (Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation) for relief of the 2004 Indonesia Tsunami victims. But it was the October 2005 earthquake that made Falam an internationally recognized messiah in the after math of the earthquake.

Within hours of the earthquake Falam went on LIVE TV and made a public appeal to the people to join him at the historical PAF museum with anything they feel they can donate. This charity in kind NOT IN CASH was sp well received that the venue for collection remained operational for 3 months collecting over 30,000 metric tonnes of relief goods.

But Falam didn’t stop here. Within days of setting up the relief goods collection centre in Karachi, he moved to the affected areas with a group of medical students who volunteered to work with him. Hiking for hours from village to village in some of the remotest areas of Northern Pakistan, these volunteers along with Fakhr e Alam worked day and night to bring medical assistance to the affected population.

Falam also set up a tent village at Chitta Batta a small village short of Balakot. Within this tent village a 40 bed tent hospital with an OPD was established, a tent school, a tent cafetaria, proper sanitation was set up by Oxfam and 4000 people were given refuge in this tent village till the time they could heal and return to their affected areas.

Fakhr e Alam’s concept of ‘NO CASH’ and advocating volunteering, appealed to everyone. This idea did not go down well with many other charity organizations. But Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam to date advocates the idea. Falam’s concept was so effective that it made CNN take notice of him, and as a result he was flown to USA to appear on CNN for a live interview.

He continues to support charities like Icare foundation, Edhi foundation, SKMT, MKRF, LRBT etc He participates in fund raising activities for all these charities, but simultaneously advocates donations in kind.

Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam has been an ambassador at large for Layton Rehmatullah Benevolent Trust.
He has also been an ambassador for Mir Khalil ur Rehman Foundation during the SWAT IDPs crisis.

Fakhr e Alam was also the ambassador and project head of the Fakhr e Alam/PIA life box support for the devastating floods of 2010. He has also been awarded with the Presidential medal Sitar e Eesaar for his services during the 2005 Earth quake.

Project B3 is part of this ongoing effort of making a difference in the lives of people who need our help. The entire album was funded by Falam himself, and released absolutely free to the listeners online. This is perhaps for the first time in the history of India and Pakistan that an effort of this nature was made by artists from both sides of the border. The artists worked very hard.

We urge all our friends to download the album, but before you download the album Please try to donate. If you click YES you will be redirected to the website of the charity you wish to donate to and you can make a donation online.

If you choose not to, you will still be able to download the album free and enjoy the songs. For our friends in Pakistan, you can also contribute by buying ring back tones. Just SMS the song code to 422 from any network in Pakistan and download your favorite song directly to your cell phone. Remember all the funds generated through this will go directly half to MKRF and the other half to I care foundation.

For all our friends in India we will be announcing the Ring back tones codes with the Launching of the album in India expected in October 2012.

Please come help us to make a difference.

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