Fakhr e Alam a.k.a Falam started his career with the super hit single Bhangra Rap 1. This song was written and composed by Falam when he was still a freshman in college. The song became a great source of entertainment on the campus. A friend encouraged Falam to record the song in a professional studio. This is how the journey began. Within weeks of recording the song at a local studios, Falam was approached by EMI records to cut his debut album. Videos were filmed and album launched. In no time the songs went through the local charts topping them for several straight weeks. After the phenomenal success the corporate wheels went into motion and Falam soon entered into endorsement contract with Pepsi Cola, a relation ship that lasted for almost 8 years. After which Falam endorsed Instaphone, LG electronics and appliances, Head & Shoulders etc through out his career.


  1. Rap up (debut album.) - Year 1994
  2. No More School remixes - Year 1995
  3. Laut Aao - Year 1996
  4. Malang - Year 1997
  5. Falam Connection - Year 2000
  6. Ab Tak Best of Falam… - Year 2002
  7. Project B3 - Year 2012




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