Not many people are aware of this but to Fakhr e Alam, acting has always been a first passion. He had started acting in his school plays from the age of 7. He then gained great theatre experience by acting in several English theatre productions locally. These plays included the Good Doctor by Neil Simon, Barefoot in the park also by Neil Simon, The Tea house of the August Moon by John Patrick, Devilís Disciple by George Bernard Shaw and finally a self written and directed play about physically and mentally handicapped people titled ĎA cry unheardí.

He received raving reviews for all his roles and it was this foundation that led him to acting on television and finally on to the big screen.

Falam was ahead of time, when he decided to act in films. Not many people were inclined towards acting. It is today that more and more young people are now inclined towards exploring the world of films, but Fakhr e Alam had done this almost a decade and a half ago.

Falam signed his first film Very Good Duniya Very Bad Loag in 1996.

Falam won the NATIONAL FILM AWARD for his debut film in the BEST ACTOR category. He then went onto starring in the movie No Paisa No Problem.

Falam also made a guest appearance in a film titled Sarhad Paar along side with Sanjay Dutt and Mahima Chaudary.

Falam is looking forward to interesting film roles in the future and will be unveiling a film project in 2013.


  1. Very Good Duniya Very Bad Loag 1996
  2. No Paisa No Problem 2000
  3. Sarhad Paar 2004


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